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This Page is devoted to exploring recent advances in public goods decisionmaking, including applications of the demand revealing process. The author is Ed Clarke ret., formerly with the U. S. Office of Management and Budget, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

Overview of Demand Revealing Processes

This site elaborates on some recent advances in the application of demand revealing proceeses by Martin Bailey

A review of Bailey's book appears here

An example appears here.

A technical discussion of Bailey's book appears here, building on examples set forth in Chapter 4.

A Book Description appears here.

The following provides some general background on these processes.

The demand revealing process has been widely regarded as a "solution" to the "free rider" problem in public economics. See Public Goods Home Page Index

To summarize from a recent book (Clarke, 2000):

The demand revealing process has been called "a new and superior process for making social choices"... "It relies on a so-called "Clarke tax" or "pivot mechanism" to ensure that individuals/groups will adequately consider the social cost of their influence on social outcomes, thereby ensuring truthful revelation of preferences and overcoming the "free rider" problem of public goods provisioning. The book outlines Clarke's approach to the use of demand revelation in the creation of "demand revealing markets" accompanied by the improved management of social entitlements to public goods and services. Based on these refinements, he shows ways of achieving improved government performance relating to taxation, spending and government regulatory management. In this revised edition of his original 1980 book, Clarke describes and reviews other recent work, notably Martin Bailey's Constitution for a Future Country, which describes in detail how these advances in an improved political economy can be achieved.

Other Recent Advances and Applications

A recent reprint of my 1980 book, summarized above, describes recent advances toward application, oriented towards improved management of "entitlements" and the organization of "demand revealing markets" See Afterward to Demand Revelation and the Provision of Public Goods

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